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This Xbox 360 and PC success arrives on iOS


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The world as you know it has been destroyed and the only thing left are fragments floating in monster-infested space. The Kid, your hero, embarks on an epic adventure to rebuild the world to its original state.

This is the story behind Bastion, an action RPG in which you will journey through a series of surreal levels while killing tons of enemies with pistols, rifles, and your inseparable giant hammer. Everything has been perfectly adapted for touchscreen control.

One thing that really makes the game stand out is its spectacular graphic design, which makes spending hours playing the game a true delight. The soundtrack, also available for purchase, may be a little short, but what it does include is absolutely magical.

Bastion is a fun game with truly amazing technical detail considering that it's an independent game (which has since been financed by Warner Bros). It's the gift that keeps on giving, since you can continue to enjoy the game after beating it the first time thanks to 'new game plus' mode.
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